Monday, October 27, 2014

Incredible Week: Baptisms, Teaching, Finding, Broken Nose

So man do I have a lot to say about this week. It was incredible.

To start off this great long list of injuries i have obtained in my mission, I can know add a broken nose to that list. As well as a fresh black eye. Both while playing soccer. Pictures attached.

Today we had the opportunity to teach about 10 police officers about the church. It was actually very awesome. Lots of people came to listen just from to street and it was as if we were teaching a sermon. It was very spiritual. It is not an experience that will soon be forgotten.

Speaking of cops, a guy in our ward is somewhat of a sheriff, and he told us that some theives stole some of their police cars but they ended up finding them. It was really funny. He didnt think so, but it was.

We found a new investigator, his name is José. He is 76 and has Parkinsons disease. He was reluctant at first but after his first time at church he loved it. He is now asking when he can get baptized. I am so excited for him.

We also found a family of 4 and have set dates will them all. They truley have progressed so much in just 1 week. They are going to be great members of the church.
A man named Juan, has his baptismal date, also has cancer. He is termianly ill but this week he told us that he is just so thankful for everything the lord has, is, and will do in his life. It was amazing to see his testimony so strong even though its a tough life.

Yesterday night we couldnt find anybody to teach, we went to about 50 houses and we couldnt find anybody. We ended up deciding to go to one last one. Turns out we had landed perfectly at the house of an old investigator. He told us that we had gotten right on time. He had just lost his car and was losing his house and he said a prayer and we showed up. We taught him for a while and commited him to go to church and his burdens would be lightened. He accepted. I am excited to see how far the Lord is willing to take this man.

Last but not least, I had the opportunity to go back to the Cuchilla del Tesoro to perform two baptisms. It was such a spiritual experience. Seeing so many of my loved ones and converts was a great experience. Im so thankful with the Lord to have let me.

I am so happy to be in the truth. I invite you all to seek it diligently and be not slothful.
I love you all.
Elder Winters

Monday, September 8, 2014

So much fun doing the Lord's will!

This week was a great week. We got to see our ward in yet another dance activity and it was rather fun to see some of our converts and investigators up there dancing. The work is going so great in every single way.

We have another day of baptisms planned for the 27th of this month. We are hoping to have 8 this time but we are going to have to see how well everyone is progressing with their promises and homework that we leave them.
I have been having so much fun working and doing the Lord's will. I cant wait to see what he makes of these next 6 weeks with all of the work we are doing.

I got to see my convert Erika today and it was seriously SO AMAZING! One of the best feelings ever to know she is still in the church doing all the things that she should be doing. It makes me so happy.

I love you all and thank you for putting up with all the pictures you get each week.
Con Amor,
Elder Winters

Monday, September 1, 2014

I came to preach, not play lacrosse

So this week was rather slow but it still was a great week!
Today we headed out to Tepito to try and find some Mexican flag ties, but that was not too successful.

This week all besides one of our recent converts made it to church. Along with them we had 4 investigators. We should have seen more but I think the lazy bug was getting to people lately.

Saturday night we went to a dance night where we saw the last group of students from a Mormon school dance. It was a very cultural night and very enjoyable. I also got to see Elder Fike and Elder Porter.

On Sunday, the sisters from the ward had 2 baptisms! That makes 10 from just our ward this month! So exciting to know that we are actually making a difference. Tonight we will find out if one of us has changes so we will have to see what happens this next coming week.

Not much more to report on. We should be having another baptism in just one week but I will let you guys in on the details a little more down the road.

One of the Vila brothers invited me to play lacrosse here but they don't play til Mondays at 4, which isn't bad, but its kinda far so i wouldn't get home 'til like 8. So I told him no because I came to preach, not to play.

I love you all!
Elder Winters

Monday, August 25, 2014

Seven Baptisms

Seriously, this weeks was one of the best weeks of my life. We had the great blessing to baptize 7 people. Kelly, Jorge, Yuritzi, Jennifer, Brandon, Derek, and Marta. It was such an amazing experience. About 100 members and about 20 investigators showed up to watch it all. Our mission president even came and stopped by to see! It was honestly amazing. I was blessed to be able to baptize 4 of them. It is just one of those days when you know that you're supposed to be on the mission.

Yesterday, Sunday, they were all confirmed and bore their testimonies. It was one of, if not the most, spiritual sacrament meetings I have ever attended. I have been so blessed to know these people.

We also have been finding some new investigators as well, 3 of which already have their baptismal dates for the 13th of September. We have been working very closely with them to help them complete their goals and the get baptized.

Not much more to say about this week.

A young man in the ward got his calling to go to Lima, PerĂș. He leaves the 27th of October.

Thank you all for the love and support! I love you all!
Elder Winters

Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18

So this week has been SO work filled. We have usually been changing in quantity for quality recently with our lessons but this week we happened to have both! We had exactly 40 lessons and they all were awesome! I'm loving being able to share the gospel to everyone!

This week we had divisiones with our Zone leaders. It was pretty fun. We got a lot of work done and had a lot of first lessons with some new investigators that we have been finding. I was with Elder Patten. I rather tall Elder from Chicago. He has 1 cycle more than I do. He is a pretty cool missionary.

We had 6 of the 8 baptismal interviews this week and everybody has been talking about how well we have been teaching. I love being able to see the fruits of my labor so quickly! We will have to be sending a LOT of pictures this next Monday.

Today we had a very fun zone activity where we did countless activities and just had a nice time relaxing.

Everything is going really well!

I love you all!
Elder Winters

Monday, August 11, 2014

We have lots of work

So this week was pretty fun. We have had LOTS of work.
But I'm guessing that is exactly why I am here right? Right.

So I'm not sure whats been going around but this week alone we stopped to help 5 different groups of people push cars. Maybe the Lord thinks we are getting a little chubby so He is giving a chance to thin down a bit. Either way it was been really fun pushing cars and helping people out. They always seem so surprised we actually help them. Hahha

We met an older couple of missionaries and they invited us to go clothes shopping with them today. We accepted. We showed up to their house around 10:30 this morning along with some sister missionaries, there they made us breakfast. Then we went out at about 11:30 to find some clothes. We ended up not finding ANYTHING haha. But it was fun. I never thought old people could be so full of life before. But it was really awesome.

We have 9 baptisms planned for the 23rd of this month! So be ready for a LOT of pictures coming your way. Its going to be one of the best days of my life :)

Yesterday at church a member from the Stake said something I really liked. He said "Poverty is NOT humility". How true. Just because we try to be humble doesn't mean we should live in dirt huts eating grasshoppers. It means that, just as the Nephites, when we receive blessings, instead of becoming prideful, we should be even more grateful for all the many blessings that he gives us. I really liked that thought.

I love you all and thank you for always writing. I hope all is well!
Elder Winters

Monday, August 4, 2014

This week was AWESOME!

This week was AWESOME!

We baptized Erika! It was so sweet. She had to go through a few interviews to be able to get permission but finally we got her in the water! It was so great to see her there. She really looks like she has changed her life and is ready to follow Christ. We are so stoked for her.

This week we had planned to play Soccer with about 15 young kids to teach and play, but nobody showed up besides two active members. So we decided to just play them 2 v 2. They wanted to bet but us being missionaries, we told them no. They insisted and just to make a long story short, we won 2 rain jackets from Pull & Bear. Haha, we counted it as a lesson because we sure taught them. 

We were in a lesson with some less actives asking how they were doing with their scripture study and their prayers. We asked one brother if he had finished the Book of Mormon all the way through. He replied "No but I almost finished." We asked him where he stopped. He told us the book of Jacob! Hahaha. It was so funny. We all had a good laugh.

So we had 12 investiagators in the sacrament meeting yesterday. It was awesome. 2 of them went to EFY and had an amazing time. They both bore their testimonys in front of everyone. One of them said something I really liked. "I dont tell God about my great problems, I tell my problems about my great God." It made me think how fortunate we are to have a father in heaven who loves us.

That about wraps up this week. But I will be sending plenty of pictures.
Love you all!
Elder Winters